Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Okayyy, so my name is Jordan Pastor , aka Pinoyshot95, and I am a CopyArtist, in other words, someone who uses reference pictures to draw.  I've been drawing for around a decade (Age 6) and it all started with my first anime series, Dragonball Z =].  Up until I was 14 drawing had been just a hobby, right now its still something I do with spare time but I take it a lot more serious now.  My youtube channel focuses mainly on "How-to" drawing videos of famous anime characters.  Recently I've been trying to get into Realism/Portraits and coloring pencils.  The anime I draw from are: Naruto,Bleach,DBZ,Soul Eater,D. Gray-Man,Full Metal Alchemist, Highschool of the Dead, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc.  For realism, I've been drawing characters from the Final Fantasy Series, and a couple of celebrities.

If you have watched one of my tutorials before, the first thing I do is introduce the character I'll be drawing and give a quick introduction of like 30s-1min.  All of my tutorials are narrated and are speed drawings.  To start off a drawing, I use guidelines and from there I add detail.  The steps to finish a drawing are, 1) Guidelines (2) Drawing (3) Inking (optional) and (4) Shading/Coloring.  In my tutorials, I try to break it down as best I can.  Here is my latest video:

Here are the statistics of my channel as of 3/1/12. My account was created in 2008, but posted my first video in May 2010.

       Subscribers: 1,451
       Video Views: 324,526
       Channel Views: 22,284
All of my videos get at least 1000+ views.  My most viewed video has 48,455 views. I regularly post videos every 2 weeks.

My channel is basically about helping people, I want to help people as best as I can because when I first started out at a young age, I didn't really have any help from anyone.  So now that I'm a bit older and mature, I want to be someone of an inspiration to beginners.  And for other artists that  I see and feel aren't getting the exposure that they deserve, I try to help them out as best I can.

I've had many different types of videos in my channel.  I've had many competitions with other people, couple of collaborations, and one major contest.  Competitions are where two or more people draw the same character and/or picture.  Collaborations are where two people make a video to post on the other persons channel.  This is a good way to get exposed to a different audience. And I hosted was Drawing Contest in October 2011.  The outcome of the contest was shocking to me, there were 80 entries in only a month! The contest was a great success and I am glad I was able to host it.  The two people who won are amazing artists and even today I still do the best I can to help them. The two winners are kesh4ares ( A realism beast) and Rebpierre ( A manga/anime god ) haha.  These two people are truly inspiring.  Two other youtube inspirations are polaara and vanguard204.  These guys inspired me to start coloring with colored pencils, and I'm even having a competition with both of them in the a couple of weeks.

I am also helping to advocate A Visual Arts Catergory.  This movement is by a man name Merril under an account named Kazanjianm.  What we are all trying to do is get our OWN category for youtube.  Usually us artists post our videos under "How to and Style" but that is buried under make-up tutorials, etc.  If we get our own category, artists will have a chance to blossom.  To be honest, the youtube artist community isn't that big.  So this category will help people like me prosper as an artist and help others in the process.

All I can say to those who are just starting out is , keep drawing! They say practice makes perfect, but that's wrong! haha.  Practicing RIGHT makes perfect.  If you practice wrongly or develop bad habits, you won't be able to reach your true potential.  As for me, I still have lots to learn, and the main reason/motivation I have is from my audience who leave comments.  I feel really accomplished when I see comments from other people =] That being said, I'm going to sleep :D You can find me on:


Also Here are a few of my drawings: If you like what you see, then please check out my channel =]

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