Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to draw Naruto Kyuubi Form

Okay for all those who are fans of Masashi Kishimoto's series Naruto and what to learn how to draw his most recent form in the anime, I will be able to help you!  If you haven't watched Naruto Shippuden's Latest episodes, you should definitely check it out ( This drawing was taken from episode 247 )  These episodes really touched me lol.

Entewaysss.  This is what the final drawing should look like:

Here is the video if you want to hear my narration!

1) To make the drawing, I used a Red Col-Erase Prismacolor pencil.
2) I started off with guidelines and I listed how many centimeters apart they are from each other.
3)After the drawing stage was completed, I did NOT ink the drawing.
4)I used a 24 pack of Kimberly watercolor pencils for the drawing.
5) The 4 colors I used were yellow, orange, red, white and black.
6)So I started by coloring the nose orange, then yellow, the white.
7) The eyes were a light layer of black then red.
8)I moved onto the outsides of the drawing with orange and the middle of the drawing was all yellow. I smudged all the yellow with a WET QTIP.
9)The outsides of the flame are orange and red.

And from there you should be all done =] Hope this tutorial helps!

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